HKJ Group on "COVID-19" Update

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  • Different type of Wedding Rings, Engagement Rings

    We have many type of Engagement Rings & Wedding Ring. Here are some few When to wear Engagement Ring:-  An engagement ring is a ring indicating...
  • COVID-19 Update

    In the last 24 hours we at "HKJ Wedding Ring" have closed our showroom to the public. We have set up our team members to work safely from their homes. Our design team will continue to take appointments via Skype or FaceTime and other digital platforms. Our jewelers are setting up individual satellite shops in their homes in order to continue to make rings to fill your orders.

    We also have a satellite quality control and shipping department that is responsible for sanitizing the jewelry and packaging before we send it your way.

  • Where to buy a Diamond eternity ring

    We highly suggest purchasing your diamond or gemstone eternity band from a reputable and experienced vendor to ensure both the diamonds and jewelry are of high quality.

    Just like when you’re shopping for an engagement ring, you’ll want to buy an eternity ring from a reliable, reputable jewelry vendor.

  • Show your love with Eternity Diamond Band---Story lies behind Eternity Band

    The theory of the diamond or gemstone eternity ring was invented in the 1960s. 

    With no origination and no ending, rings have been illustrative of eternal love for a long period of time.

  • What is Eternity Diamond Band?

    An Eternity Band is a ring made up of precious metal like gold, silver or platinum set with a constant line of uniformly cut gemstones to represents infinite love, usually given by spouse on special occasion like wedding engagement.
  • How to Make Copper Snake Ring

    If you love to make jewelry on your own, then you really can make your own Copper Snake ring from home!

    No worries! HKJWeddingRing crafts experts will guide you from start to end to make your own snake ring in copper material.

  • When Who How to wear a copper snake ring

    Wearing a copper ring by a spiritual seeker on the ring finger stabilizes the body and provides Basic support for spiritual practices. With the right method wearing the snake, the ring can become the main key to the mystical dimension of life.

  • Copper Snake Ring Importance and Significance in Astrology

    After discussing the ideas about the health benefits, let us now have a look at how wearing a copper ring benefits you, as per astrology.

  • Consecrated copper snake ring benefits and uses

    Snakes have very historical importance in other cultures such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Australian Aboriginal mythology. So if you're looking to gain attention, then the ring with the snake is the one to wear.

    Wearing copper rings have been considered to have remedial effects on the human body.

  • Why wear a copper snake ring

    Since the beginning of human civilization, the human being has a special interest in wearing ornaments made up of different material like copper, silver, gold, platinum, etc. As ornament plays important role in any social gathering to look gorgeous and besides that its also related to other factors of life like astrology, lucky charm, etc.
  • Meaning of Consecrated Copper Snake Ring

    To “consecrate” something, one makes that thing holy or pure in terms of religious and spiritual purpose. In that sense, the act of consecration can also be defined as the act of being made sacred.

  • Make Your Engagement Day Special

    Ring is an Important factor in Wedding & Engagement. It represents the emotions of the couple for each other. That's why it is to be worn on Ring finger, as it is assumed to be connected with our hearts.